Thairecht – Legal Aspects of Real Estate- and land acquisition in Thailand

The acquisition of real estate and land purchase, one should be legally sound advice in advance. This is true all over the world and of course in Thailand!

In order to offer you at this point really solid information, has us kindly Mr. Marcus Scholz, made his presentation available. This is properly licensed attorney in Germany, lives and works as a lawyer in Thailand and is the bureaucratic practices locally familiar. He and his colleagues, Lawyers and Notaries, hesitate very happy with legal advice and negotiation skills around business start-ups, Issues of land acquisition, Property- and leases and other contractual matters and legal questions you may have. Other interesting legal issues can be found on the side of Mr. RA Marcus Scholz,

On the following pages Mr. RA Marcus Scholz explains the options, sure how foreigners legal ownership of a plot, can achieve with subsequent recovery.

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