Land acquisition by Thai Company

May acquire land in Thailand Another way how foreigners, is the establishment of a Thai company BSW. einer Thai Limited, then acquires a site and thus becomes the owner of the land.

If, however, this company has only the meaning and purpose, to buy land for a foreigner, This represents a circumvention Thai law which thus leads to the nullity and invalidity of the transaction to.

Should also be noted, that a Thai Limited of at least 3 Shareholders must be, the proportion of the Thai shareholders not less than 51% may be, This in turn means, that foreigners can not have a majority in a Thai company.

However, the alien may be secured by a contract with the Thai shareholders the rights to the land, by this contract to forego their claims on land.

To note in this type of property acquisition, however,, this can create a possible conflict with the Strafverfolgungsorgangen, may be a function of the Thai business partners, and the costs etc for the company operating as the preparation of balance. may arise.

In this form of acquisition of ownership of foreigners, however, has the opportunity to apply through a "working" company with the appropriate employee for a work permit and thus a year visa. However, as stated above, the highest care when land acquisition under the prior establishment of a Thai company offered.

Gladly, Mr. RA Marcus Scholz for more information on this topic and other legal issues under Thai law is under or available.