Buying a Condominiums

The so-called Condominium Act is set, that foreigners in multi-storey buildings housing, Und Apartments Condominiums, which are suitable for residential purposes, can acquire. The acquiring and foreigners are then 100% Owner of the respective unit. However, should i.d.R. max. 49% the entire area to be sold to foreigners, at least 51% must be held in Thai.

In Bangkok and some other provinces under specified provisions of the Ministry Condominiumbesitz of foreigners to 100% feasible.

A further prerequisite for the acquisition of a condominium or an apartment, that the money was paid for the purchase of condos from abroad, also nicht in Thailand deserves to be ist.

The purchase of a condominium, So a "condominium" is thus possible for foreigners in Thailand.

The advantage of acquiring a condominium is, that the purchaser buys in his own name and to a treatment such as sales, Bequeath, Lease or giving of any third dependent.

Land acquisition by foreigners

The Thai government allows foreigners to a country Rai (1.6000 m) to acquire, if this country is only used for purely residential purposes.

This scheme is, however, subject to the following conditions, the purchaser must prove, that he 40 Bath million has brought to Thailand country. Furthermore, an approval by the Thai Ministry of the Interior is required. This approval can the District Department of the District Office (Amphoe) be requested.

Gladly, Mr. RA Marcus Scholz for more information on this topic and other legal issues under Thai law is under or available.