General terms and conditions

HAVEL's CATHEDRAL GmbH for the mediation or. the proof of property

The following terms are part of the mutual agreements.

§ 1 Previous knowledge

Objects are detected as previously unknown, if the recipient is not within 2 Days raises an objection, stating the bidder prior. Later evidence by third persons not of causation that evidence change.

§ 2 Unauthorized transfer

The services and information provided are intended for the recipient only and are confidential. Any unauthorized disclosure to third parties, also proxy- or authority of the recipient, lead to the full of the commission fee, if the third party, to whom the information was passed, concludes the main contract. An authorized disclosure is obliged to transfer of these terms and conditions and provision conditions.

§ 3 Double occupation

The broker may act for both the seller and the buyer.

§ 4 Ownership Information

The broker accepts no responsibility for the timeliness and accuracy of information provided. Object information and data submitted in good faith and based on the statements and documents of the owner or. the representative of the owner. All offers are not-binding and without obligation; a liability for the correctness and completeness can not be taken. Deviations from the given object-related data are possible and do not affect the commissions, If the economic identity of the offered object is stored. Subject to prior sale.

§ 5 Limitation of Liability

The liability of the broker is limited to gross negligence or willful misconduct, if the customer does not suffer any physical injury by the conduct of the broker or loses his life.

§ 6 Statute of Limitations

The limitation period for all claims for damages by the customer against the broker 3 Years. It begins with the time, has been committed in the action from the obligation to pay damages. If the statutory limitation rules in individual cases for the broker in a shorter period, apply these.

§ 7 Jurisdiction

Are brokers and traders customer within the meaning of the Commercial Code, it is the place of performance for all obligations arising from the contract and claims and jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the broker.

§ 8 Salvatorische Clause

Should one or more of the above provisions is invalid, thereof, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. This also applies, when within a control part is ineffective, another part but effective. Each invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision between the parties, that comes to the economic interests of the parties closest to the contractual agreements not contradicting the remaining. Even if future object agreements or negotiations, these terms and conditions apply.